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Tax Resolution Services in Charlotte, NC

At one point or another in your life, you may find that you owe money to the IRS.

If you have trouble paying back money to the IRS, you may need professional assistance. When it comes to tax resolution in Charlotte ,NC, residents can count on the experts at Mitchell Advisory Company.

Tax Resolution Services We Offer

We can help with all of your tax resolution needs, including tax resolutions related to any of the following:

  • General tax debts
  • Offers in compromise
  • Tax levies
  • Tax penalty abatements
  • Wage garnishments
  • Tax liens
  • IRS payment plans
  • IRS audits
  • Sales tax audits
  • State taxes
  • Payroll taxes

Whether your problem falls into one of the above categories, a different category, or you’re not sure, Mitchell Advisory Company can help.


Tax Resolution Charlotte NC Residents Can Count On

Owing money to the IRS can be scary. Mitchell Advisory Company has the power to garnish your wages or levy your bank account if you don’t comply and pay when you are supposed to.

And, while you may think that you’ll get the best results working directly with the IRS, this is often not the case. The IRS is always going to try to collect as much money from you as possible, but with our brand of tax relief, we will do our best to get what you owe down to a manageable amount that you can pay without it negatively affecting your life.

Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to get rid of the tax debt that’s hanging over your head, give Mitchell Advisory Company a call.

No matter what caused your tax debt or where you currently are in terms of the debt collection process, we can make things go smoothly and easily from here on out.

We can’t wait to serve you and to get you on the path to a better, brighter financial future.