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Professional Tax Service in Lake Norman, NC

When it comes to finding a tax service Lake Norman, NC residents are very lucky to have Mitchell Advisory Company on their side

We have many years of tax expertise that has equipped us to help with any tax situation. Whether you’re  a small business owner, self-employed, or just a regular worker who wants to ensure you do everything right, we’ve got you covered! Give us a try, and you’ll quickly discover that there are many great benefits to using our services.

Facing An Audit?

Finding out that you’ve been selected for an IRS tax audit is incredibly scary. What are they going to ask? Will you have to meet with someone in person? What proof do you need to back up the information on your tax forms?

This type of situation is not something anyone should have to go through on their own. So, if you find yourself in this situation, let our Lake Norman, NC tax service assist you!

Or, even better, if you use us from the start, you can reduce your chances of ever being audited in the first place!

Deduct Your Preparation Costs

In Lake Norman, taxes filed by a professional do come with a fee.

Did you know, though, that, in many cases, any tax preparation fees you pay can actually be deducted from your taxes?

Our fees, the gas you paid to visit us, or the stamps you used to send us your information may all be tax deductible! We can help to ensure you get this deduction when applicable, as well as any other deductions that could help to lower your tax liability.

Stop Making Mistakes

When it comes to filing taxes Lake Norman residents, just like everyone else, are prone to making mistakes. No matter how careful you are or how many times you do the math, it’s just so easy to make an error or to put something on the wrong line.

And, unfortunately, errors can increase your chances of audits, delay any refunds owed to you, and have other adverse effects.

Our professionals, however, can look at your tax returns with expert eyes. They’ll check and double-check for any mistakes or missed deductions and help you to achieve the most accurate and correct tax form possible.

Contact Us Today

Want to enjoy these benefits and many more? If so, then contact us today!

We’ll assess your needs and provide you with all the services you could ever want.

Don’t delay! Get your tax needs met with Mitchell Advisory Company today!