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Personal Accountant in Charlotte, NC

When hiring a personal accountant, Charlotte, NC residents can turn to the experts here at Mitchell Advisory Company. Our professional team can assist with any and all types of tax situations, from the simple to the complex.

Of course, many people are unsure about whether or not they actually need a personal accountant. And, while everyone can benefit from personalized tax help, these services are strongly recommended in particular situations.

You’re a Big Earner

A Charlotte, NC personal accountant can be particularly helpful if you’re what the IRS considers a “big earner.” This is generally someone who earns over $200,000 per tax year.

When you have a large income, you also typically have big tax bills. Thankfully, though, a personal accountant can help you to find legal loopholes, such as credits and deductions, to cut your tax bill significantly. 

Furthermore, people who earn higher amounts have a greater chance of being audited by the IRS, which is why it’s particularly important for them to have their tax returns professionally prepared and checked before filing them.

Your Situation is Complicated

Woman in green dress doing taxes at a computerSome people have a very straightforward tax situation.They earn money from one job and file a 1040 for that job. These people may benefit from some tax help, but often don’t need their own dedicated accountant.

A personal Charlotte accountant, however, is recommended for any situation that’s even slightly more complex. If you have multiple income sources, are self-employed, are subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax, or have other anomalies related to your tax situation, it’s probably wise to look into getting a personal accountant on your side.

You’ve Sold Real Estate

When hiring an accountant, Charlotte, NC residents should consider whether they’ve recently sold or are planning to sell real estate. When that’s the case, a personal accountant can go a long way toward helping them to legally minimize the taxes they’ll have to pay on any profit they make.

In fact, in any situation where you expect to bring in a large profit or earn or inherit more money than usual, it’s smart to hire a personal accountant. 

Contact Us Today

No matter who you are, our personal accounting services can benefit you. However, they may be especially helpful if one of the above situations applies to you.

In any case, if you think you could benefit from this type of help, contact us today to learn more and to get matched with a great personal accountant who will always put your best interests first.