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Offer In Compromise In McAdenville, NC

When faced with IRS tax debt, there are a few solutions available to individuals and businesses looking to correct the situation. One of these solutions, and a much sought out one, is an offer in compromise which is a procedure that allows the debtor to pay less than what was originally owed. 

However, filing for an offer in compromise can be a tricky process. Only those for whom no other payment options apply are eligible for an offer in compromise, therefore, the help and guidance of a professional accountant becomes mandatory. 

At Mitchell Advisory Company, we gladly offer assistance in this and many other IRS tax debt situations to residents of McAdenville, NC.  We look closely at the details of your particular case and work to find the right solution. 

Get Professional Help From Mitchell Advisory Company

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by your tax debt, especially if you’re in a situation when paying all of it doesn’t seem possible. In this case, an offer in compromise may be your best bet, however, as we mentioned before, not everyone can be eligible for it. 

In order to qualify, there are certain requirements to be met, such as having filed all of your tax returns, making your estimated tax payments for the current tax year, and making federal deposits for the quarter if required.

As the legalese surrounding the requirements for an offer in compromise can be hard to understand, it would be the wisest choice for you to hire our professional assistance. As expert accountants, we work with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help McAdenville, NC residents apply for this option. 

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Dealing with the IRS doesn’t have to be as stressful when you have a team of expert accountants by your side. By hiring Mitchell Advisory Company to help you file for an offer in compromise in McAdenville, NC, you will successfully be able to figure out whether this option applies to your case or not. Even if you’re ineligible, we can still find other ways to help you eliminate your debt. 

Contact us today so we can start examining your case and get you back on the path of good financial health.