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Offer In Compromise In Kings Mountain, NC

No matter how stressful it feels at the moment, successfully getting out of IRS debt is not impossible. There are a wide variety of solutions that can be applied to your particular case, all of which are best evaluated with the help of a professional accountant.

One of these solutions is called an offer in compromise, which permits you to pay back less than the full amount owed to the IRS. However, as good as this solution may seem, it is only available to those for whom none of the other payment options are available. In order to figure out if you can successfully apply for an offer in compromise in Kings Mountain, NC it will be necessary to hire the services of an expert team of accountants, such as the ones working with Mitchell Advisory Company. 

Professional Guidance With Offer In Compromise In Kings Mountain NC

Only an expert will be able to know whether or not you can file for an offer in compromise. In Kings Mountain, NC Mitchell Advisory Company is your best bet. 

In order to qualify, there are certain requirements that have to be met, such as having filed all of your tax returns, making your estimated tax payments for the current tax year, and making federal deposits for the quarter if required.

Thanks to the knowledge and expertise acquired after years of working in the field, the accountants at Mitchell Advisory Company will be able to check the details of your case thoroughly to find the right solution to your tax debt situation. 

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As with most things involving the IRS, the legalese surrounding this procedure can be misleading and difficult to understand. So, if you’re looking into the option of applying for an offer in compromise in Kings Mountain, NC, your best bet will be to have Mitchell Advisory by your side. We gladly help residents and business owners in the area understand their particular financial situations and find the best solutions to help them get out of debt as soon as possible.

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