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Offer in Compromise in Gastonia, NC

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by your tax debt – especially if you are unable to pay it.

When this happens, an offer in compromise (OIC) may be the best solution. With an OIC, your tax liabilities can be settled for less than you actually owe via an agreement with the IRS.

At Mitchell Advisory Company, we provide professional tax services regarding offers in compromise for Gastonia, NC residents and businesses.

Am I Eligible for an Offer in Compromise?

An offer in compromise is not an option for everyone. In order to qualify, there are certain requirements that have to be met, such as having filed all of your tax returns, making your estimated tax payments for the current tax year, and making federal deposits for the quarter if required.

The legalese surrounding OICs can be misleading and/or difficult to understand. In order to know whether or not you qualify for an offer in compromise, contact Mitchell Advisory Company. We help Gastonia businesses and residents understanding if they qualify for an offer in compromise and, if so, how to file and what type of OIC to file for.

When debating whether or not you may qualify for an offer in compromise, we highly advise that you seek help from a tax professional before entering into or attempting to enter into the OIC process.


Professional Help from Mitchell Advisory Company

When it comes to offer in compromise services, Gastonia, NC residents can rely on Mitchell Advisory Company. We offer step by step assistance with offers in compromise.

Contact us today, and we’ll get you set up with one of our tax experts to see if an offer in compromise is a viable solution for you. If it is, we will help you with the filing process, and we’ll be there with you to provide assistance until everything is settled.

Even if you do not qualify for an offer in compromise, we will help you find other financial solutions to handle your tax debt when an OIC isn’t possible.


Contact Mitchell Advisory Company Today

Tax debt is an awful burden to have looming over your shoulder. That’s why it’s our goal to help you get rid of tax debt for good.

If an OIC is the best way to do that, we’ll help make that happen and then provide you with advice to keep tax debt from mounting again in the future.

To find out if an OIC is right for you and to learn about other options for getting rid of tax debt, contact us today at 704-671-2678.