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Income Tax Services in Huntersville, NC

Filing income taxes is not something that anyone looks forward to or finds easy. Thankfully, though, there are income tax services out there that can help you with planning, preparing, and filing your income taxes.

If you’re in need of these types of income tax services, Huntersville based Mitchell Advisory Company can help! In fact, when it comes to assisting taxpayers with their Huntersville income tax services, Mitchell can be your easiest and simplest option.

Still on the fence about whether or not you need our income tax services? While just about everyone can benefit from them, consider these key signs that you need some professional tax help.

A Recent Marriage

Filing taxes when you’re single is vastly different from filing taxes as a married person.

For one thing, you can choose to file jointly if it benefits you. There are also new credits and perks that weren’t previously available to you.

Thus, if you’ve recently tied the knot, it’s definitely time to get some professional tax help. We can get you and your new partner to start married life off on the right foot by helping you choose how to file and then ensuring you get all of the benefits and credits available to you.

A Home Business

Did you take a big leap in the last tax year and decide to start your own home business? If so, then you have some new taxes and tax laws to contend with.

Handle them the right way, and you could potentially get a refund or at least pay less in taxes. Handle them the wrong, uninformed way, however, and you could be left paying a self-employment tax on top of lots of other expenses on previously-untaxed income.

Ideally, new home business owners would get tax help from the get-go to set themselves up for long-term success. But, whether you did or not, you’ll definitely want some expert help and advice as you file your taxes.

A Home Purchase

Just like opening a home business, buying a home of your own can have a huge impact on how you file (or should file) your taxes. Credits and deductions are available to many new homeowners, but only if you know about them and take full advantage of them.

To make sure you get everything you’re owed as a new homeowner, don’t handle your taxes on your own. Instead, get help from professionals who know every loophole and credit to help you save.

Contact Us Today

As you can see, there are all kinds of situations in which having a little expert tax help on your side could be extremely beneficial.
Whether you find yourself falling into one of the categories above or you’re just ready for your tax return to be more in your favor this year, get in touch with us.

Here at Mitchell Advisory Company, we make it our mission to help taxpayers just like you. So, contact us today! The sooner you do, the sooner you can be on your way to a more beneficial, satisfying tax time experience.